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— “There are missiles which can arrive at the target in just 6 minutes. What political man can make a decision as serious as this in so little time without delegating it to military men?” -

This is the thought that anguishes Wiily Brandt in his interview to “La Repubblica”, Italy 12/4/83 .

Writes Italo Pietra on the “Messaggero di Roma” the 29/1/81

- “In 1954 when the Viet-cong surrounded the entrenched French forces at Bien Dien Phu  , Bidault, Foreign Affairs minister received his american colleague Foster Dulles at Quai d’Orsai. They started chatting in French at an open window, and at a certain pomnt the State Secretary made the following proposition

“And if we gave you two atomic bombs to save Bien Dien Phu?” Bidauit, who couldn’t betieve his OWfl ears replied:

“Atomic bombs? In that way we would destroy not only the Viet-congs but also our

such irnportance can be taken by such small men. One of the marěy re~sons~o propose the political pluralism and the larger popular political participation is the necessity of not letting the keys of war and peace remain in the hands of the few important personalities at the top.”­For how much time will we continue allowing unconsciously with our indifference

our few political and military representatives to decide for us on the right to uve? How rr.uch time is lGft te follow the road of political pragmatism, abandoning the wŕy of simple protests which we have followed until today?

The basěs of this proposition is to make the idea of democracy practicable, denying the authority of whoever decides today about our life, by means of the enlargement of the Fundamental Human Rights with the right to conserve our own life by means of the Pre-War Referendum.

Today the proposition is repeated to a world which I think is now more receptive. In addition to the newspapers I wrote to in 1980, I have included weeky and monthly magazines and many international organizations which I believe have the same objectives. To them I ask to add this proposition to their own inititives, possibly within their publications. I know my list Is incomplete and I shall be very grateful to hear from other associations.

I realise that the biggest handicap in this initiative is its proposal by an individu~I and not by an irěternationally known organization. I remember an anccdote which happened to a friend of mine;. whc during one of his a’+<’r_ periods in politics punctually every month received a letter from a citizen wh~ch proposed hi.m to change the color of all the traffic signals in the country (for whěch he cortainly had his qood re6sons) . I understand that it i~s not difficult in cases like this to be ironical, but the words of a song from a young itaiian folk singer are very appropriate and consoling. He sings about a poor fool who searches the “Island—that-does—not—exist” and on which “there Is no hatc, no violer1ce, no heros, no saints, no soldiers, no weapons, no wars” and he invites him to continue searching, not gěving up, because “He, who already has renounced his search Is probably crazier than him”

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